Book Review: Fragments by Atiah Watts

This is one of the most amazing short reads of the month!
The story talks about an adolescent boy and him falling in love; and how his dad tries to connect with him.
There’s a twist at the end of the story.
I totally loved the writing style👍
The title is totally relevant.
Fragments of memories and fragments of it attaching themselves to the present.
*Recommended read👍


Book Review: Verity by Colleen Hoover

#bookreview : Verity (2018) by Colleen Hoover
*Pages: 332
*Genre: Psychological Thriller

This was so damn good!
I am so glad this is the first book by the author that I chose to read.
What I really loved about the plot were the really flawed characters!
Each of the main character was so flawed that it would be impossible to enjoy this book without such characters.
The plot is so twisted; no one will ever know what would come in the next page or para!
Whatever trobe you assume would be proved wrong when you finished up reading this book – this is the ultimate beauty of this book!
The story is based on the lookout for a new author for the continuation of a very popular book series when in fact the original author, Verity Crawford, is lying in a vegetative state after an accident.
Verity’s life is not that simple as anyone imagines.
As the new author, Lowen Ashleigh, comes in the scene, she discovers an autobiography by Verity which twisted everything.
The lines written there revealed so many harsh truths about the marriage between Verity and her husband, Jeremy; as well as about the dead twin daughters!
With their son, Crew, left and is believed to be in danger and that there were many disturbing clues as to the faking of being in a vegetative state by Verity herself, Lowen is left caught in between all this mess.
She falls for Jeremy hard and fast.
Jeremy does the same as well.
Everything seems to worked out fine but it us the beginning of the twist in the story.
She discovers one more proof in the room of Verity before moving out of the house with Jeremy.
Does it hold the whole truth in contrast to what she believed in?
Was Jeremy as innocent as he was supposed to be?
Was Crew the innocent kid as he appeared to be?
Verity got murdered in the end.
Was she really at fault?
*This was a really good book; fast paced and thrilling👍
Totally recommended👍
*Rating: 4/5🌟

Book Review: Beyond A Mysterious Journey (2019) (#book1 : Spirits of Time) By Madhuparna Suman

What an awesome adventurous read!
Kudos to the author for such a huge improvement in both content and character presentation in her third book👍

The story builds up from the first page itself.
I was never bored while reading this whole book (which happens rarely).
The first part of the book deals with the couple, Nandini and Neelkand, deciding to take a break from their monotonous life of working all day long most of the time.
And whoa! What a change it brought to their lives.
This is not even the start of the story.
Nandini has been followed by some unknown mysterious characters since the very beginning.
She happens to lose touch with reality now and then, gets carried away by fog and she keeps on hearing some mysterious whispers calling her out of nowhere.
Both Nandini and Neelkand tried their best to ignore such harmless warnings…
And then comes the second part of the book where the mystery starts unfolding by itself.
The real story goes back in history where there was a heartbreaking love tragedy between a beautiful bartender,Lillishya Alexandria, and one of the country’s army, Georgo Angoloeise; the rule of the tyrant, Emperor Valentenus; the mysterious murder of the emperor; and the stories behind the two haunting spirits, Freddy and Athreya.
These spirits are going to control the lives of Nandini and Neelkand in the later half of the book.
One is the protector, the other the evil.
Why was Nandini’s life in danger?
What were the roles of both the spirits during the time of the rule of Emperor Valentenus?
What are they still doing playing with the lives of the innocent?
What was the ultimate key they were looking for all these years?
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
I mean I read the first book written by the author…and now I am left speechless!
Well, some parts still need improvement to get the desired effect (the humour parts & the action scenes) yet I am happy with the whole package overall👍
The chemistry between the characters were palpable, serene and relatable.
The fantasy elements was the surprising part for me.
However, I am really touched with the character build up… H9w the characters change with each evolving scene.
Every chapter was getting close to my heart.
At first I was a bit critical about Neelkand. Btw the author nailed how his character evolves until the end of the book.
Nandini’s views were clear cut and well written regarding life, basic human nature and habits; about one’s beliefs; how we women make the basic sacrifices and compromises (without stating it separately as she does so in the book); how we human are as a whole; how dreams work with determination; on one’s work and reflections on life and career.
I really love how the couple was portrayed from the very beginning.
👍What made the book work for me was its solid start!
👍I love how this book puts emphasis on taking a break without thinking much as in reality most of us are forgetting how to live and get caught up with our everyday mundane lives.
This book is nothing but showing the appreciation of being us ourselves and appreciation of who we are with.
It’s about fighting our own devils and unknown fears.
I totally loved both the evil and the good spirits.
One of the most unforgettable reads for me👍

Book Review: Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

*Pages: 320

*Genre: Memoir/Non-fiction/Graphic

*Published: October, 2018

I picked up the book without knowing anything about it.
It turned out to be a memoir! A heartbreaking yet an uplifting one!
Jarrett did everything himself regarding this book because (Surprise! Surprise! To me at least) it is a memoir of an artist and well, a graphic memoir with the author doing all the illustration and the art work.
It starts with the story of his maternal grandparents as they were the ones who basically brought him up inspite of having a mother(who he sees rarely) and a father(who he has never known exists).
Inspite of having a big family with many to feed and take care of, his grandparents supported him in taking up art in every way possible.
This memoir is so worth reading in the sense that this proves that ‘art speaks more than words can do’ kind of way.
The writing style as well as the art were so moving.
I realized it was a memoir straightaway (high time I have some idea before picking up a book)
And at the end of the first chapter, I was in tears.
I so wanted to hug the little Jarrett, be there for him when he felt so low.
But his life with his grandparents were the best part. The way they taught him about the realities of life without saying much was worth reading.
The highlights of this memoir include the flawless art, the significant memories so crisply depicted in the form of real pictures (yes, at the beginning of each chapter, real pictures and related items to the ongoing chapters marks the beginning of each)
The teachers who influence him in taking a different turn from the rest, the support of his uncles and aunts, specially his dear aunt, Holly; his childhood best friend, Pat; his first and only pet, the Hamster; the heartbreak after breaking up with his first girlfriend; getting the first letter a little too late from his real father; the journey of his mother who was a heroin addict all her life; the struggle through it all and facing bullying – everything made me clutch my heart.
Everything about this memoir is so damn endearing.
I loved how the last few chapters ended the most.
There were tears of all kinds : sadness, happiness, grief, relief, acceptance, rejection, abandonment, hope, love, death, new life and most of all, gratefulness.
This is easily one of my favorite reads of 2019.
I am so glad I read this at the beginning of the year.
So worth it!

Book Review: Death and Dishonour Book 1 by Abhimanyu Saxena and Tanmoy Basak

#bookreview : Death and Dishonour Book 1(2018)
By Abhimanyu Saxena and Tanmoy Basak

*Pages: 300
*Price: ₹299 @kalamosservices
*Genre: Psychological Thriller
Well, it is an action packed book starting from the first till the last page👍
This is the story of an ex cop, Arjun Rathore, and his life after the murder of his wife, Shikha.
The story is just not this: so many cobwebs to clear up; having many other lives at stake in the process.
Life becomes more messed up when Arjun is charged for the murder of his best friend, Aditi.
Everyone and everything then merge together to have him captured dead or alive.
Horrifying secrets get digged up; family and friends easily turning out to be foes; strangers becoming allies.
What kept me really interested is the unpredictability of what’s coming up in the next paragraph👌

The plot involves dirty politics, scientists, police department, reporters, thugs, common people.
The plot is based on revenge yet the truth is something else.
Who to trust at times of dead and trial are the issues presented in the book.
The writing style is smooth and the plot crafted well.
However, I felt the book is a bit too long unnecessarily now & then; and things get a way too advantageous for the main character to have almost everything work his way till the end.
The plot was predictable for me. *Highlights:
👍Awesome writing style and sequence
👍Gripping narration till the end
👍The characters are relatable, smart and twisted which form the strength of this book
👍The ending is perfect; left on a gripping cliffhanger : planned well and so ready for the book 2
*Awesome cover
*The blurb is relatable to the contents
*The title is relevant👍
*Rating: 3/5🌟
*Recommended for beginners 👍

Book Review: Jasmine Days by Benyamin

#bookreview : Jasmine Days(2018)
By Benyamin *Pages: 264
*Price: ₹499
*Genre: General Fiction

One of the best written novels ever👍
This has easily become one of my fav reads of the year.
I will not forget the characters ever; the scenes, the dialogues, the riots and the protests, the killings and the misunderstanding that are still prevalent today regarding the Muslims.
This book has been narrated in such a simple yet powerful way that it was impossible of me to put it down until I reached the last page.
Finally, a book worth the hype and all👍
👍Relatable scenes and situation
👍Well related facts 👍Historical details well highlighted
👍Arguments/discussions well presented regarding the constraints between the different sects of the concerned community
👍The hardships and sacrifices faced by the common men in the name of such riots & issues
*The writing style is remarkable
*The sequence well maintained
*The plot is gripping and based on well researched, prevailing relevant topics
*A much needed book today to be read by one and all!
☑️Subtle humour well inserted in midst of chaotic scenes
☑️All kinds of emotions well portrayed in between the lines
I can so relate with the main protagonist, Sameera, with all her perfections and imperfections👍

However, I cannot find the title relevant. And the cover a bit underwhelming.

But this book is going to be one of the most unforgettable reads ever!
*Rating: 4/5🌟
I will not talk much in detail about this book as I myself need to do a lot of research regarding many issues mentioned in the book.
It will not be correct to assume things just because this book is a fictional work.
It’s just that I loved the idea about this book, the writing style and the characters.

Book Review: The English Teacher by R K Narayan

#bookreview : The English Teacher(1945)
By R. K. Narayan
*Pages: 209
*Genre: General Fiction

This is the most beautiful work of the author so far.
The characters are so moving, the theme so modern and classy at the same time; the quirks of being an English teacher in an Indian college; the discussion on the education system; the true nature of being human; the uniqueness and the beauty of life seen in a child; the transparent love between a husband and a wife; the caring nature of parents; work and the salary system; the supernatural beliefs; the uniqueness of the other world – death and being alive : so many themes have been touched and represented so well in this small book.
You are missing something if you have not picked up this book yet.
A gem.
It made me laugh out loud at the most unexpected moments; cry and made me emotional now and then.
The narration was so engaging and impossible to get away from!
*Totally recommended👍
Undoubtedly, the first best read of the year 2019.