Book Review : My Story by Kamala Das

📝Book Review : My Story (2009 @harpercollinsin edition) by Kamala Das
✴️Pages: 214
✴️Price: ₹299 (paperback)
✴️Genre : Non fiction/autobiographical
This book was originally published in Malayalam as Ente Katha in 1973.
The featured book is the translated version by K. Satchidanandan.
I am so glad I picked up this book.
The book starts with a detailed 12-paged introduction by the translator which helps in understanding the book in a more personal way.
The book is divided into 50 short chapters which deal with her childhood, an early arranged marriage, frequent shifts, her indifferent husband, her love of writing, loneliness, depression, unfulfilled desires, ill health, how her original place differs from Delhi,Mumbai and Kolkata; how men look at another woman in reality & the different types of men she had come across.
I find it really liberating how she writes with such an independent spirit about her desires ,both physical and mental issues written in such a clear straightforward way.
I really love the book regarding her honest opinion regarding some metropolitan cities.
And the way she brings forward the woes of living in a patriarchal society…which sadly I would say still exists.
I can totally relate to her when she defends herself about books, authors and buying books. I gasped more than once while reading this book because it was damn too honest & open!
Overall, this book went over my expectations!👍
💥Rating : 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
🌡️ Recommended!


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