Book Review : The Fragrance of Sunshine by Sadaf Shakeel

📝Book Review : The Fragrance of Sunshine (2018) by Sadaf Shakeel
✴️Pages: 182
✴️Price: ₹295 (hardcover + dust jacket)
✴️Genre: Poetry
This book has got 164 poems. Most of them deals with everyday emotions, as a source of soul upliftment as well as the cries of a human who goes through everyday life dealing with relationships, our own self, loneliness, the joy of being alive,social media, the society & more. So many issues have been touched in such a small book! You will be surprised 👌
This beautiful poetry book is divided into 5 sections :
I enjoyed most of the poems. They are easy to understand, the language is simple yet mature, straight forward & smooth but with a strong urging voice within.
The theme behind each poem is refreshing. 👍Easy to absorb
👍The one liners are hard hitting!
👍The pictures at the start of each section is heart warming…wish they were in colour though 😌
👍My personal favourites : Confinement, Remorse, Scarred and Beautiful, Childhood Adventures. I got too emotional while reading them.
👎However, I find the one on Friendship as not an original one liner. 👎I can understand the outburst in Perceive but it somehow sounds a bit childish. It was the only poem in the whole book that seems to be out of place.
👌 But overall, I enjoyed this book of poetry a LOT!!!
I do not read poetry much but with this I can safely say I need to include poetry in my favourite genre list👍
Thanks @lens_and_ink for the wonderful book!
💥Rating: 4🌟🌟🌟🌟/5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
🌡️ Recommended!
😍Waiting for the next book from the author!

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